Mourning with Hope

Samaritan Staff  ·  Jan 01, 2017

Wherever you find yourself in the mourning process, we at Samaritan Ministries extend our tender love and much prayer.  

You dreamed of a new life added to your family. Now the hope you treasured for your future, and perhaps even the truth that grounded your past, has been shaken. You may be disconnected from the world around you, or encircled by caring friends. You may be clinging to God as never before, or feel He has withdrawn His love, and you don’t understand Him at all. Or maybe you are in a place where God is ministering sweetly to your soul. Whatever you are feeling, know that if we could, we would come sit beside you and listen, we would cook and clean and care for you, with Christ’s compassion.  

What we can offer you are these words and our prayers.
Fellow members of your Samaritan family have created this resource for you out of a desire to hold out our hands to you and say, “Come. We’ve tasted these waters, we’ve walked this dark valley, we’ve been seared by this fire. We know the wild mix of thought and emotion. And we’ve come to better know the compassion and comfort of our dear Father, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit given to us. We can assure you that there is hope and healing in our God.” We invite you to explore these pages and hear what we have to say, little by little, as you can. We pray that you will find the heart of the Lord and be drawn more deeply into His love that heals.

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