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Tell a Friend Referral Program

  1. Tell a friend why you love Samaritan Ministries.

  2. Tell them to mention your name when they join.

  3. Watch for your $100 credit to arrive when they complete their third month of membership.

Aligning health care with faith

Your WHY matters

Did you know that almost half of you are members because someone you trust told you about health care sharing with Samaritan Ministries? You're a trusted person too, and could be a huge blessing to others simply by sharing why you're a Samaritan member. Your friends will be blessed when they join, and so will you. Not just because of the Share credit, but because you helped them align their health care with their faith.

We need you!

We can only do so much through advertising, and the reality is that close to 50% of those who join are because of YOU! We'll do our part. Will you help? When there are more members, there are more Share dollars available to bear the burden of increasing medical costs. And you can tell as many friends as you'd like. Refer five friends and receive $500 in credits, refer 10 friends and receive $1,000 in Share credits (limited in Maryland). The more friends you refer... well, you get the idea!

Five ways to get the conversation started:

  1. Samaritan Ministries is authentic Christian community.
  2. There are no networks, anywhere. You choose the providers you trust.
  3. You send your money to a real person with a real medical need (not some large corporation).
  4. Samaritan staff cares for you through Christ-centered compassionate service.
  5. And the best of all…your why! “What I love about Samaritan Ministries is _________.”

Here are some helpful resources to pass along if your friend wants to learn more.

Samaritan Ministries Homepage

How It Works

Download Packet with program comparison

Remind your friend to write your name on the membership application when they join, and you’ll receive a $100 Share credit when they complete their third month of membership.

Please feel free to pass this information on to them, so they know where on the application to write your name.

Online Membership Application
Step 7: Other Info

  • Click on Friend or Family
  • Type in your name, city, and state
    Example: Ryan Fitz, Houston, TX

Print Membership Application
Section 1: General Membership Information

How did you learn about this ministry?

  • Check Friend/referral (somebody told me)
  • Write your name, city, and state
    Example: Ryan Fitz, Houston, TX

Referrals are the number one way to grow the community.
Share your WHY with someone today!