Todd & Debbie

Faith, Family & A Dream

When it comes to your health care, what makes you say “Wow!”?

For Todd, Debbie, and their daughter, it was a small gesture that had a big impact. A “Wow!” moment.

Ten-year-old Maggie was hospitalized for pneumonia. Soon after, Todd and Debbie started receiving money from fellow Samaritan members to help them pay her medical bills, but they weren’t the only ones. Maggie received an extra blessing – a handwritten note reminding her that God will always take care of her and that someone was praying for her. Tucked inside the card was a five-dollar bill for ice cream to celebrate that she was healed. That was nine years ago; Maggie still has the card.

“It feels like the Body of Christ. I mean, it really does. They wouldn’t have known about that need because they were really strangers. And to be able to make that connection. It feels like that's how God designed it.”

Maggie is one of eight children. Todd says their family has experienced a range of medical needs from broken bones to a chronic health condition, and through it all fellow Samaritan members have been there for them. And it’s been reciprocated.

Debbie says that sending their monthly Share with a note of encouragement and praying for a fellow member with a medical need is “pretty unique and special.” And it’s that direct member-to-member sharing that drew them to Samaritan Ministries. Debbie said, “I love the fact that we're all using our money to help each other with the things that come along in life.”

Todd’s dream was to start a ministry to encourage dads and to remind them of what’s most important. Family. He says his message is simple. It’s not about jobs or money or anything that will disappear in the end. It’s about the relationships dads have with their children.

It's also about having the courage to step out in faith. Courage to chase a God-sized dream. Courage to see God do something amazing!

Todd and Debbie have been Samaritan members since 2009

Todd, Debbie, and all their children sitting at the dining room table for a meal.