How our programs work

Samaritan Ministries is not insurance. You can join today and new members are always welcome.

As a Samaritan member, there are no network restrictions. When medical care is needed, you choose the health care provider, hospital, and pharmacy that works best for you.

Members of health care sharing ministries, like Samaritan Ministries, are exempt from the federal Affordable Care Act and California, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island's Individual mandate.

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Sending your monthly share

Each month you send a financial gift to help another member with a medical need, this is your monthly share. The amount you send is based on the membership program you select and the number of participants from your household.


Needs are assigned

Each month you are notified with the name and sending information of a member with a medical need. See a Sample


Send your share

Send your share with a note of encouragement and pray for the member in need.


Verify you’ve sent your share

Mark your share as sent on the online member dashboard.



Continue to pray for the member with a medical need, knowing that when you have a need, someone will pray for you.

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Submitting a medical need

Members can generally expect to start receiving shares for their medical need from other members within 60 – 90 days from the time their itemized bills are received by Samaritan Ministries.


Notify Samaritan Ministries of your need

When a medical need arises, start the need sharing process online or call a member advocate. Let us know how we can pray for you.


Submit itemized bills

Once the need is created, submit the itemized bills you receive from your provider to our office. Ask your provider for a cash-pay discount.


Samaritan shares your need

Other members are notified of your need, where to send their share, and how to pray for you.


Receive shares and pay your bills

Use the shares you receive to pay your provider and notify Samaritan Ministries of the shares received.

Save to Share

A large medically-related event can happen at any time. Save to Share is an optional program that helps Samaritan Classic and Samaritan Basic members with medical needs that exceed the maximum shareable limits.


Your needs shared

Add Save to Share and have your qualified needs shared beyond the Classic and Basic maximum sharing limits.


Pay a little extra

Set aside a specific amount each year based on your membership size and pay a $15 annual fee.

Calculate your set aside amount.


The money stays with you until needed

The set-aside amount you'll be asked to send fellow members will vary month to month depending on the medical bills that are shared by others. In the meantime, you're holding those funds until they're needed by a fellow member who has a need that exceeds the maximum shareable limits.



You can sign-up for Save to Share anytime, but we recommend you add it when you join Samaritan Classic or Basic. Read more about how Save to Share works in the Guidelines for Health Care Sharing.