Will mail order abortion pills be approved in the U.S.?

John Stonestreet  ·  Dec 18, 2018

Abortion clinics are facing a new challenge, but this time it’s not from the pro-life movement. Mail-order abortion pills could be a game changer.

A few months ago on BreakPoint, I mentioned how the easy availability of the drug misoprostol has rendered anti-abortion laws almost unenforceable in some Latin American countries. Closer to home, if a group called “Women on Web” has its way, the same could happen here in the United States.

“Women on Web” is the creation of Rebecca Gomperts, a Dutch physician who was the principal subject of a 2014 New York Times Magazine article entitled “The Dawn of the Post-Abortion Clinic.”

In the article, “post-abortion” doesn’t refer to what happens to women after they have an abortion, or to a world after abortion has been made illegal. The article foresaw a world where abortion would be available in new ways, specifically ways that allowed women to get around abortion-restrictive laws and societal norms.

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