Showing grace helps to attract unwed moms, abortion industry workers

Michael Miller  ·  Dec 18, 2018

Grace goes a long way in attracting those who work in the abortion industry or find themselves in an unintended pregnancy, says Meagan Weber, a Samaritan Ministries member and assistant to Abby Johnson of And Then There Were None.

Meagan works with former abortion clinic workers at the Austin Texas-based ministry, but she has also walked in the shoes of an unmarried woman who found herself pregnant not once but twice.

“I chose life reluctantly the first time,” she says.

What turned her toward not only a fervent pro-life stance but also toward Jesus was the way she was treated by the women at a local church.

“They threw me a baby shower when I had nothing and no one to support me,” she says. “After, I lacked nothing. They simply loved on me and provided for my needs.”

She became pregnant out of wedlock a second time, and the women threw her yet another baby shower.

“It was through that type of love, grace, and patience that I realized abortion would never again be an option for me to consider but, also, I realized that I couldn’t keep having kids from multiple fathers,” she says.

Her heart had to change first and then her behavior followed. After two years of abstinence, she met and married her husband in 2006.

Because my attitude toward life in the womb had changed, my behavior had to follow.

Meagan Weber

“I thought abstinence was just for virgins, not promiscuous people like me,” she says. “But because my attitude toward life in the womb had changed, my behavior had to follow.”

Embrace Grace equips churches to be support for women

She encourages churches to adopt the Embrace Grace ministry, which says it “equips churches to provide a refuge and spiritual support to women with unintended pregnancies.”

“They do Bible study with unwed moms in church, host baby showers, offer information and resources regarding parenting and placing children with adoptive families,” Meagan says. “They love on her and empower her to embrace the grace of Christ. The heart of Christ is not to cover up your sin by committing a worse one (abortion). The pregnancy and baby are never to be viewed as sins.”

Many women who face unintended pregnancies outside of wedlock may experience judgment from their churches, Meagan says, but that should change.

“They don’t need a lecture,” Meagan says. “They know we don’t approve of premarital sex. We need to embrace them just as they are in that moment and offer them life-affirming resources.”

That kindness works outside the Church, too.

“People can certainly help to save lives just by being kind,” Meagan says. “Before we stop on the side of the road to help a woman with young kids in crisis, we don’t ask her about her sins and condemn them for what they’ve done. We just show kindness and help with her immediate needs.”

Churches in general need to be talking more about abortion.

“Sixty-five to 70 percent of women who have abortions say they attended church on a regular basis at the time that their pregnancy and abortion took place,” Meagan says. “We’re surrounded by people who have been wounded by abortion in our churches. It’s our problem. This is the No. 1 issue in our country and we need to step up our game.”

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