Why SMI? 'They’re so polite and ready to help'

Michael Miller  ·  Jan 22, 2020

Through a heart attack and knee replacement, Samaritan Ministries members have been there for Paul Washer, who joined in 2014.

“It’s been a great blessing,” he says.

And eye-opening, too.

The missions director at HeartCry Missionary Society’s knee surgery would have cost $60,000 at a hospital, but his doctor performed it as an outpatient procedure for $20,000.

“I like Samaritan because I can go and sit down and talk with people and say, ‘Let’s negotiate this a little bit. You don’t have to deal with insurance. I’m going to pay you cash,’” Paul says.

He says he also appreciates Samaritan’s member service.

“Whenever there’s been a glitch or some problem or something, we’ve always been able to call Samaritan and talk to a person, and that person has always bent over backwards to help solve the problem,” Paul says. “And if they can’t solve the problem right then, they’ll get the answer to you within a day or two. That’s what I most appreciate about Samaritan’s young people: They’re so polite and ready to help.”

Since his 2017 heart attack, he has paid more attention to his health, both for personal reasons and to be responsible to the other members of Samaritan.

“If someone is in Samaritan, it’s kind of like being in a family,” he says. “Just like I owe it to my children and wife to eat right to live as long as I can and live as healthy as I can, it’s the same thing for Samaritan.”

He says the ministry has been a “great help” not only for his family, but also several on the HeartCry Missionary Society staff.

“Samaritan came along at a really good time,” he says.


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