Why SMI? The Migeons like to own their own health

By by Kathryn Nielson  ·  Aug 22, 2023


Member Spotlight: Gerard and Anna Migeon of Natural Womanhood

Charting cycles can address different health issues for women

Gerard and Anna Migeon, founders of Natural Womanhood, joined Samaritan Ministries through the recommendation of their financial advisor, who had been a member of Samaritan for several years.

Happily, they haven’t had any Needs.

“We try to stay healthy, are in our late 50s, and don’t have major medical problems,” Gerard says. “And we like that we aren’t required to depend completely on the medical system for our health care.”

Natural Womanhood’s philosophy is the same as that of Samaritan: own your health by pursuing better knowledge of your body and prioritizing the work it takes to be well.

Kathryn Nielson is a Communications Specialist at Samaritan Ministries.