Why SMI? Joshua Becker joined other self-employed Christians

Jaclyn Lewis  ·  Mar 01, 2017


At the end of 2015, Joshua Becker had been self-employed for 7½ years. The family was living in Peoria, Arizona, and needed some kind of a health care plan, as the plan they were with was pulling out of the Phoenix market. All the other policies were expensive, so he began researching another solution.

After reading a Facebook thread of self-employed friends talking about their health care plans, Joshua was shocked by how many were part of a health care sharing ministry.

“I didn’t talk to a single person who had used Samaritan Ministries that was unhappy with it. Everyone said they use it and they love it.”

Joshua says he’s “super happy” with the ministry, and, of course, glad that he hasn’t had to start a need yet. His wife, Kim, writes the monthly check to a Samaritan member, “and she loves getting to send the money to somebody and getting to put the note in there,” he says. “It’s a more meaningful experience for her than having the health premium automatically deducted from the bank.”