Why SMI? 'Samaritan is in line with who God is,' says Robia Scott

Michael Miller  ·  Aug 23, 2019

When James and Robia Scott needed to take care of their health care needs, they found Samaritan Ministries.

Robia, who plays a Planned Parenthood clinic director in the film Unplanned, says they feel that “insurance the way it’s done feels like it’s kind of a manipulation.”

“To find Samaritan, where we knew it was really about the principles of Christ, which is giving and helping other people, was wonderful,” she says.

“We love how personal it is,” Robia continues. “I love that we see who has a Need. To be able to write them a note and send them a prayer is beautiful, as well as when we have a Need and receive handwritten notes and words of encouragement from members and know that they’re praying for us.

“It really feels honestly like a big family,” she says. “The unity and community of Samaritan is so different than how insurance companies work. They’re not about the people and serving the needs of people.

“We love Samaritan. We think it’s so completely in line with who God is.”