Why SMI? Kathy Koch decided it was good stewardship

Kathryn Nielson  ·  Oct 29, 2018

Dr. Kathy Koch, speaker, author, and founder of Celebrate Kids, joined Samaritan Ministries after her health insurance became so “ridiculously priced.”

She decided that as the owner of a nonprofit organization, she couldn’t justify spending that kind of money.

“It was not good stewardship,” she says.

As Kathy started looking for alternatives, she became aware of Samaritan from the speaking circuit and through friends like member Jill Savage, founder of Hearts at Home.

“I knew that you want to minister to people through your program,” Kathy says. “I trusted that it would take care of my needs.” 

Having joined just over a year ago, Kathy hasn’t had the experience yet of having a Need shared. She has, however, used the option of eSharing recently while on deadline to finish her latest book. 

“It was so easy, convenient,” she says.

She appreciates the spiritual component of Samaritan most. “It’s what you advertise: It’s the Church being the Church,” she says. “We’re taking care of each other, and it’s a beautiful thing.” 

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