10 ways to encourage your child (from 'No More Perfect Kids')

Jill Savage and Kathy Koch  ·  Oct 29, 2018

Fellow Samaritan member Jill Savage and I thoroughly enjoyed writing our book No More Perfect Kids to help you. There’s a lot of good, practical help in it for when your children question who they are and get frustrated.

As we head into the busy holidays, I thought this excerpt from the book may be timely for you. I hope so! There’s much more practical help in the book, available through my website, CelebrateKids.com.—Kathy

Parenting is hard work, and sometimes it seems our kids do more wrong than right. Add in household responsibilities like laundry and meals, spilled milk at the breakfast table, a child who comes in from playing outside and is covered in dirt, and sibling rivalry where the kids pick at each other all night, and sometimes life just isn’t easy. Fatigue is normal and frustration is, too. Learning not to act unkindly in our frustration is a journey requiring grace for ourselves and our kids.

Even in the midst of real life, it’s important to say far more encouraging words to our kids than correcting words. When we encourage kids, we give them courage. It’s empowering, freeing, and strengthening. When encouragement is the norm, children will learn they can take risks, try new things, ask for help, and make mistakes without the fear of losing the acceptance, love, and support of their parents. ...

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