Why SMI? It gives the Rienows an opportunity to bless others

By Greg Feulner  ·  Jan 20, 2023

When Rob and Amy Rienow of Visionary Family Ministries walked away from health insurance, they were excited for “lots of reasons.”

“As we stepped out of traditional employment, where I had a paycheck every two weeks and health insurance provided through the church, and we launched this faith adventure of Visionary Family Ministries, we wanted to find a faith community that shared our values and our commitment to advancing the Gospel,” Rob says. “Samaritan Ministries was the perfect fit for us.”

Joining Samaritan in 2013 provided Rob and Amy an opportunity to serve others and worship God.

“It gave us an opportunity to trust God,” Rob says. “It gave us an opportunity to help our fellow believers. And it gave us an opportunity to send money every month to people and to a ministry that we believed in instead of funding a giant insurance company that was probably using our money to do things against our faith.

“Being members for over 10 years with seven children, we’ve had lots of Needs, but the Samaritan members have always been faithful and loving and gracious. And the team at Samaritan has always been there to help when we have been confused or struggling with how to handle bills or the paperwork or the process.”

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