Why SMI? 'From day one, Samaritan Ministries was there for us'

By Michael Miller  ·  Apr 20, 2022

Member Spotlight: Stephanie Davis combines love of sports and helping people with disabilities in her role with The Miracle League

Twelve-year-old Bode Davis had a “horrible bike accident” in 2020, suffering a concussion, broken collarbone, and nerve injury in his leg.

He recovered (praise God!), but bills were piling up for Brian and Stephanie Davis of Georgia.

“Between life flight and a week in the trauma unit, plus eight weeks of therapy, bills were adding up,” Stephanie says.

But working with Samaritan Ministries staff and receiving support from the members eased the burden for the Davises.

“From day one, Samaritan Ministries was there for us—praying for us, guiding us through the process, negotiating bills for us,” says Stephanie, national program director for Miracle League. “Then the encouragement we got from members was priceless. People were praying and reaching out to us with so much love and support. I can’t imagine going through that horrible time without this network of Christians bearing each other’s burdens. It’s been a huge blessing for our family.”

Stephanie Davis with husband, Brian, and their children, Emory and Bode (Photo by Matthew Pendry)

Stephanie Davis with husband, Brian, and their children, Emory and Bode (Photo by Matthew Pendry)

The Davises, who run a landscape company with Brian’s brother, joined Samaritan after tiring of “health insurance runarounds.”

“Annual renewal was one of the most stressful times of the year,” Stephanie recalls. “We would be canceled, or our policy wasn’t available, or premiums were just going through the roof and weren’t affordable for our family anymore. Then, when we did need to use it, the deductibles were so high that we felt like we could have paid cash and done better without having insurance.”

That’s when a friend at the Davises’ church told them about health care sharing and, in particular, Samaritan. The Davises did their research on the different ministries and settled on Samaritan, partly due to their friend’s experience but also because of Samaritan’s guidelines concerning pre-existing conditions.

The Davises’ daughter, Emory, has a heart defect, a pre-existing condition that limits or eliminates sharing of Needs related to that condition for five years. What the Davises found, though, was that Samaritan’s Guidelines “fit our needs the best” when it came to the pre-existing condition.

“We figured that after five years of no issues or treatment, we could get related Needs shared,” Stephanie says. “A lot of the other ministries offered nothing for pre-existing, so we were excited about the fact that we could get to a certain point and it could be shared.”