Review: ‘The Miracle of Natural Hormones’

David Lehnert  ·  Apr 01, 2016

Dr. David Brownstein says that many diseases and chronic conditions, like heart disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue, depression, headaches, autoimmune disorders, etc., can have the same underlying cause—hormone deficiency. He says that hormonal deficiency frequently plays a significant role in all these health problems, and he has seen thousands of patients recover using natural hormones.

In addition to these more serious diseases, people suffering from hormonal deficiencies can experience a wide range of other problems including weight gain, irregular cycles in women, accelerated signs of aging, and dry skin. In The Miracle of Natural Hormones, Dr. Brownstein shares his clinical experiences to show that people with chronic disease or other debilitating symptoms may have a hormone deficiency as the underlying cause.

Sometimes doctors who recommend hormone supplementation to address these problems prescribe synthetic hormones, which are not like natural hormones. The hormones that our bodies produce match the receptor sites in our bodies, and it is possible to produce hormones from natural substances that are very similar to our own hormones’ structures. Because these hormones occur naturally, they cannot be patented, dramatically reducing the potential profit for pharmaceutical companies. This gives these companies an incentive to create synthetic hormones, even though they aren’t compatible with our bodies’ systems and sometimes cause negative side effects.

Dr. Brownstein says that one of the main studies showing the dangers of synthetic hormones was the Women’s Health Initiative. The WHI was designed to determine if hormones protect women from heart disease. It had to be terminated prematurely because the synthetic hormones used were causing a twenty-nine percent increase in heart disease, a 41 percent increase in stroke, and a 2,100 percent increase in pulmonary embolisms (blood clots that travel to the lung and can be fatal) in the treated group as compared to the placebo group.

Following the WHI, the question was: should women even take hormone replacement therapy to help protect against disease? Dr. Brownstein says if the hormone replacement therapy is done with natural hormones and monitored constantly by their physicians using lab tests, the answer is a definite yes. He says the downfall of the WHI was the use of the synthetic hormones Provera and Premarin.

Dr. Brownstein says there are three types of estrogen produced in a woman’s body in a natural ratio. Premarin, a synthetic form of estrogen, ignores the natural ratio of the three estrogen types. This can have consequences for women taking Premarin and may be an explanation for the huge increase in risk for several diseases. Dr. Brownstein says that the WHI vindicated natural hormones, and that he doesn’t understand why physicians continue to prescribe synthetic hormones.

Birth control pills are another example of this. They work by halting the menstrual cycle in women. Dr. Brownstein writes that this inhibits the benefits of estrogen and progesterone normally produced during the cycle, and he believes that taking birth control pills is setting the stage for faster aging and causing or exacerbating chronic disease.

Dr. Brownstein writes that natural hormones’ superior effectiveness in the body is due to their structure. He uses a “lock and key” analogy. The “key,” which is the hormone, fits perfectly into the “lock,” which is the receptor site. Dr. Brownstein says that this analogy is similar to a car key fitting into the ignition and starting the car, because hormones always result in some sort of action in the body.

When giving his patients natural hormones, Dr. Brownstein starts them at a low level and then gradually increases the dosage. He does this because too much supplementation of a hormone actually will cause the body to shut down its own production of that hormone

and become completely dependent on supplementation. Dr. Brownstein says that carefully monitoring blood test results from a lab, combined with clinical observation, makes hormone therapy safe and very effective for his patients.

The hormones Dr. Brownstein discusses include thyroid hormone, DHEA, progesterone, estrogens, testosterone,

melatonin, hydrocortisone, human growth hormone, and pregnenolone, and he dedicates a chapter to each. While he discusses the hormones individually, he also points out the importance of sometimes using hormones in combination to address root causes. He says that this results in a synergistic effect and a multitude of benefits the patient wouldn’t receive if they were only taking one hormone alone.

At the end of each chapter, he also recommends dietary supplements that support the hormone discussed in that chapter. He says he does this because he has noticed his patients achieve the best results when a supplemental regimen is utilized to support the hormone supplementation. He says that while the nutritional regimen helps, it is not an adequate substitution for hormone therapy. He also believes using iodine and unrefined salt are important for anyone facing hormonal problems or any kind of health challenge, and he has written full-length books on each of these topics. Reviews can be found on the Samaritan website.1, 2

When Dr. Brownstein discusses thyroid hormone, he features Dr. Broda Barnes, who wrote over one hundred publications on hypothyroidism. Through exhaustive research, Dr. Barnes determined that more than forty percent of Americans are deficient in thyroid hormone. These people often suffer from cold hands and feet, chronic fatigue, weight gain or difficulty losing weight, brittle nails, and dry skin.

There are actually two types of thyroid hormone: an active form and an inactive form. Dr. Brownstein recommends Armour hormone, a natural hormone that gives a balance of both forms, along with ingredients that help convert the inactive form to the active form.

Another hormone, testosterone, is the well-known hormone for men, but its role in both men and women extends further than libido. Men have much higher levels than women, with 3-9ng/mL recommended for men and .3-.8 ng/mL recommended for women. Dr. Brownstein says that people with low testosterone can suffer from osteoporosis, fatigue, diabetes, and heart disease. He also says that when treating for low testosterone, he generally gives 2-10 mg per day for women and 40-120 mg per day for men.

Progesterone and estrogen are the two primary hormones for women. These hormones are involved with regulating women’s cycles, helping to prevent and treat osteoporosis, and relieving PMS symptoms. Dr. Brownstein devotes a large section to discussing the benefits of progesterone therapy for treating osteoporosis. He says that progesterone has been shown to help reverse osteoporosis while estrogen has only been shown to help slow the progression. He says that he generally will also prescribe progesterone if a woman needs estrogen to maintain the progesterone/estrogen balance found in a woman’s body.

Natural hormones also have unique anti-aging effects such as slowing mental deterioration, maintaining muscle tone, and preventing wrinkled skin. Dr. Brownstein writes that as we age hormone production naturally decreases and that he has seen many older patients benefit from the anti-aging effects of natural hormones. He says that these benefits are not seen in people who supplement with synthetic hormones.

Dr. Brownstein says that hormone therapy requires precision, and he advises people to consult their physicians before taking hormones that are available on the shelves at supermarkets and drug stores. He writes that the easy availability of hormones in large doses is a major concern, due to the possibility of people accidentally shutting down the production of certain hormones in their bodies. Dr. Brownstein recommends choosing a physician experienced using natural hormones when considering hormone therapy.

In his practice, Dr. Brownstein saw a woman who was taking a synthetic form of the hormone progesterone to deal with PMS. He put her on a natural form of progesterone, and within two months she felt much better. When she returned to her gynecologist, he told her “natural hormones are rubbish.” She told this to Dr. Brownstein and he called her doctor. Dr. Brownstein asked the doctor how much experience he had with natural hormones, and the doctor replied, “None.”

Dr. Brownstein says that this response is common among doctors, because they are not taught about natural hormones in their training. He says that while in training, doctors receive information on hormone therapy from studies funded by pharmaceutical companies. This means doctors only learn about the use of synthetic hormones.

Dr. Brownstein provides many case studies where people experience recoveries from conditions that they have suffered from for a very long time, sometimes more than fifty years, after they switched from synthetic to natural hormones. He says that the turnabout he has seen from even a single treatment of natural hormones can sometimes be life-changing for his patients.

Dr. Brownstein says that both environmental and internal toxins cause hormonal imbalances. He outlines a detoxification protocol designed to assist readers in minimizing toxicity. The first step is drinking water, and the amount should be about half a person’s body weight in fluid ounces daily. Drinking water is critical for detoxification as water reduces the stress on the liver and kidneys. Dr. Brownstein recommends using a filter to remove fluoride and other toxins that may be in drinking water.

Eating a “clean” diet (one he describes as hormone-free, pesticide-free, organic) is also part of Dr. Brownstein’s protocol. He says that this diet not only eliminates sources of toxins that could cause hormonal disruptions, but also helps to flush out toxins that could be causing issues.

Dr. Brownstein also suggests heavy metal detoxification. This includes the removal of dental fillings, because mercury is the main component of almost all fillings and the third most toxic element to humans. Dr. Brownstein says people can aid in this step of the detox process by supplementing with vitamin C and glutathione, both of which are potent antioxidants and help the immune system remove toxins in the body.

The Miracle of Natural Hormones is on its third edition, and Dr. Brownstein says that, since writing the first edition, his experience with natural hormones has only continued to confirm for him that natural hormones are a superior treatment compared to synthetic hormones and that both doctors and patients need to be educated on natural hormones. Dr. Brownstein believes that people do not have to suffer from chronic diseases or the side effects of synthetic hormones, and he offers natural hormone replacement therapy as another treatment option for those who need it.

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