Member Spotlight: Paul and Carol Bramsen of ROCK International

Andie Dill  ·  Apr 26, 2019

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The Lord Jesus Christ commands all His followers to make disciples of all nations. Paul Bramsen and his ministry partners at ROCK International seek to do just that through the Biblical resources they create.

Paul and Carol Bramsen’s son, Nathan, with the help of his parents and others, founded the nonprofit organization ROCK International in December 2006. ROCK is a double acronym meaning Relief, Opportunity and Care for Kids (ROCKids) as well as Resources of Crucial Knowledge (ROCK Resources).

While Nathan was in Cairo, Egypt, studying Arabic and working with street kids, he felt a burden to start an organization through which prayer could be encouraged and funds could be directed to projects that would bless kids and their families. That’s how ROCK International was created, a channel for projects that help educate and meet the practical and spiritual needs of abused, neglected, and trafficked children in hard-to-reach places of the world, always with a clear Gospel focus.

One of the countries where ROCK has projects is in the West African country of Niger, one of the poorest nations in the world that is tragically plagued by human trafficking and child prostitution. ROCK’s Youth Development Center in Niger is a place where lives are being transformed for time and eternity. Another ongoing ROCK project is in Tanzania, where a secondary school for girls is being built to give them the option of a high school education without the threat of sexual abuse.

Although ROCK International officially began in 2006, Paul’s heart for the nations and Gospel ministry began much earlier. Before he and Carol were married, they had already been praying about where God might send them, desiring to go wherever He would lead. In 1981, Paul and Carol found themselves in Senegal, West Africa, just three years after becoming husband and wife. It was there that they learned to speak Wolof, the language of Senegal, and French; raised their three children; and gave themselves to evangelism and discipleship.

Senegal is a 94 percent Muslim country, so preaching the Gospel has not been an easy journey. In fact, Paul and Carol had to wait seven years before they would see a Muslim come to know Christ. Today that former Muslim, Ali, is one of the key leaders in the church. He is also the voice behind a series of radio programs that have been broadcast in that land since 1992. Together, in the Wolof language, Ali and Paul wrote a 100-lesson radio series called The Way of Righteousness.

That series has become what TransWorld Radio calls their “most effective program for reaching Muslims around the world.” Over the years, as more and more people and ministries discovered this radio series, it has been translated and recorded into other languages and can now be heard around the world. 

“The materials we produce in ROCK International are chronological and aim to give the big picture of God’s plan—from creation to Christ to New Creation,” Paul says. “These resources help people who know little or nothing about the Bible to connect the dots between the Old and New Testaments and see how everything points to Christ and His redemptive work.”

In 2009, Paul was in Egypt teaching a group of Arab believers how to present the Gospel step by step, starting with creation. Paul observed that they did not have any children’s Bible resources that made the Gospel clear by telling and explaining key Old Testament stories that involved animal sacrifices. Also, what they did have presented a blue-eyed, Western-looking Jesus.

“I went home with a burden that day to put together a picture book for all ages and for all cultures, and out of that came King of Glory,” Paul says.

King of Glory is a 70-scene picture book that outlines the whole of Scripture chronologically. After nearly two years of work, just as the book was going to publishing, the Lord put a new idea on Paul’s heart: to turn the book into an animated movie. Paul had made movies as a hobby while growing up, and now God would use this talent to spread His Word to people and nations around the world. In 2015, Paul and his team released King of Glory, a 3-hour, 42-minute production. Today, the film can be viewed in more than 30 languages, with many more in translation and production.

King of Glory is broken down into 15 different episodes, averaging about 15 minutes each, viewable at Paul and his team have also created a curriculum to go with the movie.

ROCK International continues to reach men, women, and children around the world with the Hope of the Gospel.

“Pray for us,” Paul says. “This ministry is growing. With so many resources in so many languages, creating so much opportunity, we need more help.”