ROCK International's 'King of Glory' movie tells the story of the Bible in 30 languages

Samaritan staff  ·  Apr 26, 2019

King of Glory is a movie as well as a picture book produced by ROCK International telling the story of the Bible from cover to cover.

The movie is available free online at It can be viewed in 15-minute segments and in  more than 30 languages.

Impact in Kyrgyzstan

Here is a testimony of how God used King of Glory to bring a young woman to faith:

Yesterday, we received a phone call from a worker in Kyrgyzstan, who oversaw the translation and recording of the King of Glory movie in Kyrgyz. Over the past two years, the entire 222-minute movie has been aired a few times on national TV in that “closed” country and is making an impact.

The worker told me of a Muslim lady who, with her young son, had checked into their women’s center, a hideaway for hurting, abused women. On the second day of her stay, she watched the King of Glory movie in her heart language—from start to finish. She then went back to her room where the staff heard her crying for hours. Later, when she came out and they asked her what was the matter, she answered, “This film gave me the answers I’ve been searching for most of my life.” As the women were talking with her about the Gospel, her child came, saying, “Mommy, don’t listen to these people, they are telling you lies! Don’t listen to them, they lie!” But she sent her boy out and fell to her knees, repented, and called on the name of the Lord Jesus to save her. After she declared her faith in Christ, the believers said, “It was like an evil spirit had left the area.” Now even her boy is beginning to change. Pray that he too will come to know Jesus. Before coming to the refuge, this precious lady had tried to kill herself several times. Then she heard about the women’s center. Out of her hopelessness, she came with the intent that if she didn’t find answers then she would end her life. Touched by Christ’s love and truth, through His people and Word, the rest is history. Glory to God!