Member Spotlight: Gerard and Anna Migeon of Natural Womanhood

By by Kathryn Nielson  ·  Aug 22, 2023


Charting cycles can address different health issues for women

Why SMI? The Migeons like to own their own health

Gerard and Anna Migeon launched their nonprofit organization Natural Womanhood in 2012 to help women live healthier lives by choosing and using fertility awareness methods.

With their desire to improve women’s health literacy, the Migeons hope to teach visitors to the website not only about the design of the female body but also how to address various women’s health problems in a more holistic way “consistent with God’s design,” Gerard says.

Through its articles, coaching, and online courses, the San Antonio, Texas-based nonprofit discusses everything from the basics of knowing how a woman’s cycle works and learning to chart it using one of several methods, to working toward solving hormone issues, infertility, and cycle dysfunctions.

Nearly all of Natural Womanhood’s staff, writers, and volunteers are women.

“These topics are best understood and explained by women to other women,” Gerard says. “At the same time, men need to be involved in their understanding and support of the practice for the good of the couples who use it. Over 30 percent of our readers are male.”

Raising awareness

One of Natural Womanhood’s goals is helping women avoid harmful drugs and their side effects. Their organization doesn’t teach charting per se, but provides extensive information on the practice of charting, how to choose a method, and where to find instructors.

“We realized there is a lack of both awareness and good information about the truth of a woman’s fertility and a woman’s cycle,” Gerard says.

Anna says the two biggest problems in the reproductive health field are getting providers to understand natural charting methods and dispelling their lack of faith in them. While she believes oral contraception is here to stay, she is concerned that many doctors today make women feel like it’s their only option and don’t discuss natural methods.

“There is no one out there with millions of dollars saying, ‘Hey, use these methods that are basically free and good for you,'” Anna says.

A bevy of resources

Natural Womanhood is rich with resources about natural family planning and women’s health, offering:

  • Over 600 educational articles, videos, and podcast episodes about women’s health.
  • An online course for moms about teaching their daughters about their cycles.
  • Downloadable booklets.
  • A free, 20-minute consultation with an advisor who is a licensed fertility awareness instructor. “No strings attached or sales pitches,” says the web page.
  • Up-to-date information about what the Migeons call the risks of non-natural birth control methods, which can include damaging synthetic hormones.
  • An international directory of medical providers and instructors who use fertility awareness methods and are also grounded in strong Christian values.

Conceiving Natural Womanhood

Gerard and Anna already had children when they learned about the natural methods they now promote.

Though unfamiliar with natural methods, Anna had used charting in the past to try to conceive a girl. However, it had never occurred to her to use it for family planning or her health in general.

Natural Womanhood logo. Know Your Body

“I was so brainwashed, I guess,” Anna says. “I had this feeling that I had to have some outside force to keep me from getting pregnant when I didn’t want to get pregnant. After that, we realized, ‘Hey, this natural approach is something that many people could use and benefit from. It’s interesting, and it’s practical and involves understanding of the body.’”

Gerard’s interest also grew, and he started meeting with a few other couples using these methods. Each couple exhibited a mutual trust and closeness that impressed him and drove his desire to help more couples learn about these methods. At that point, he was working full time in commercial marketing but decided to use his skills to market the concept of natural planning to as many people as possible. Anna pitched in using the professional skills honed through her communications business to raise awareness about these methods.

At first, Natural Womanhood was an unpaid side job for Gerard. As it grew, though, he started spending more time on the nonprofit. Today, he’s its full-time CEO. He manages a small team of people and their operations, fundraises, oversees the organization’s content and marketing strategy, and develops the nonprofit’s online courses and in-person programs. Anna is a member of the Board and helps with social media and editing.

Three years ago, Natural Womanhood formed a scientific advisory board that consists of medical doctors and women’s health experts who review the articles published on the website and the content of Natural Womanhood courses. The main goal is to produce content that is scientifically accurate, engaging, and useful to their readers.

Use of charting

Natural Womanhood focuses on increasing women’s awareness of their fertility cycles and how they relate to overall health and family planning. This approach is primarily based on a woman charting her cycle using one of a variety of methods, such as Couple to Couple League, Billings, FEMM, Marquette, or Creighton.

The Migeons and their staff don’t promote what’s commonly known as the “rhythm method.” With the methods presented by Natural Womanhood, women chart their cycle by observing cervical mucus, taking their basal temperature, or taking hormonal urine tests done throughout the month and interpreting the results for their real-time fertility. The rhythm method, on the other hand, is based on predicting ovulation by calendar tracking of the woman’s menstrual cycle.

"There is no one out there with millions of dollars saying, ‘Hey, use these methods that are basically free and good for you.'"

Anna Migeon

Charting also helps physicians who have been trained in natural fertility methods to address a woman’s unique reproductive health needs. Just by looking at a woman’s menstrual cycle charts, a doctor who has been trained in natural fertility methods can tell what is going on in a woman’s body and then address the root cause of any issues rather than going directly to in vitro fertilization to treat infertility or suppressing problematic menstrual cycle symptoms with a contraceptive.

Teen girls need information

Adult women aren’t the only ones benefiting from Natural Womanhood materials. The site recently started a course for mothers of preteen girls on how to explain puberty and the menstrual cycle to their young daughters and how to teach them to track it. Natural Womanhood also recently launched a program to educate female college students.

“The way we teach young women about their cycle is really to learn their body and honor their fertility, changing their perspective from ‘This is a problem, and I’m going to try and suppress it until I want to have kids’ to ‘No, this is a gift. This is something I can understand. This is also what causes me to feel a certain way at certain times of the month,’” Gerard says.

The content also helps a young woman to understand that her body is designed for motherhood.

“It’s something to honor and cherish,” Gerard says. “When girls know that, they often become more protective, they have more confidence and self-respect and demand more respect. It’s very powerful.”

Because of the cultural lies young girls face, Gerard and Anna see what they’re teaching as important because it’s based on God’s design, and that, even if a girl may have a more boyish personality, "she’s still a woman,” Gerard says.

“You still have that beautiful design, and someday you may be a mom, and it’s a beautiful thing, a huge gift. You have everything in you, regardless of how you feel, to become a mom,” Gerard says.

The Migeons plan to continue offering more courses and support groups to individuals and couples looking for an approach to fertility and wellness outside of mainstream solutions.

Prayer points

The Migeons have requested prayer for the following:

  • Good strategy for growth for Natural Womanhood.
  • That God will bring the right people to partner with them and help the organization grow.
  • That Natural Womanhood can reach as many young women as possible with the truth about the dignity of their distinctly female fertility.

The Migeons and Natural Womanhood can also be reached on X, Facebook, and Instagram.

Kathryn Nielson is a Communications Specialist at Samaritan Ministries.