Family is important to Ben and Sheri Boyd

Samaritan staff  ·  Jun 28, 2017

 “We see the Lord’s purpose in our marriage and raising a family together with God’s blessing,” Ben Boyd says.

Ben and his wife, Sheri, pour into the lives of their four children, Gloriana, 10; Zion, 8; Jamin, 6; and Calvin, 5. Both parents are involved with homeschooling their “kiddos.” Sheri teaches math, grammar, reading, handwriting, spelling, gardening, and chicken-raising, while Ben teaches Bible, Latin, Lego construction, and shooting.

Sheri is grateful for Ben’s attention to her and the children.

“When he comes home from work, he refreshes me and pours himself into the kids,” she says. “He’s always looking for ways to include the kids in his work. I’m thankful for his love and for how he includes us in the things he loves to do, but also becomes involved with the things that I love and the children love. He is a good teacher, a good leader, a good friend and much much more. I am so thankful for him. He is a good man who loves the Lord.”

Plus, one of the reasons the Boyds moved to Oregon was to help provide care for Ben’s 100-year-old grandmother, Ruth Boyd. Sheri has been “a huge part” of caring for Grandma Ruth.

“Sheri has a really close relationship with my grandma,” Ben says. “Grandma Ruth is a faithful Christian lady. It’s been a blessing for Sheri to pour into Grandma Ruth’s life and Grandma Ruth into hers.”

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