Content creation tips from Bob Starnes of Brentwood Studios

Brittany Klaus

Looking for a way to start creating faith-based children’s entertainment? Bob Starnes of Brentwood Studios has a couple of tips.

  1. Write what you believe God has put upon your heart, and then rewrite it and rewrite it again. Writing is where every idea starts. When you look at some of the best writers and some of the best songwriters, they will all say, “Boy, I had to write a lot of bad stuff before I actually ever had a hit” or “before I actually had something that was worthy of publishing.” But all of those initial writing days allow you to be able to get to the point where you start refining the stories to a point that others would want to read them. Be true to what you believe God is wanting you to write.
  2. Write it for that person that you believe God has intended you to write to. For example, if God wants you to write a children's book because you just had a child, then write that book for you and your own child. Don't worry about who else might read it down the road. Once it's good enough and you find somebody who can help you get it to another place, then all of a sudden you have a chance to be able to have a bigger audience. But the first thing is to do what's on your heart, do it for who it's intended to, and then let God lead you from there.

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