Why SMI? Samaritan lines up with their family 'in more ways than one'

Brittany Klaus  ·  May 26, 2020

Bob Starnes and his wife, Sara, were tired of high health care costs and decided to look for different options that would help them should they have a medical need.

“Samaritan Ministries lined up with our family in more ways than one,” says the co-founder of Brentwood Studios.

They enjoyed telling other people about SMI after joining, but Bob says they were able to get the full picture of health care sharing after having a Need.

“Now we can tell others in full detail,” he says. “It was handled so well.

“But the greatest experience with SMI comes from the special Needs posted each month. My wife hand-delivers a check most every month to anyone who lives close to us and meets new friends along the way. Last month she even delivered one to our son’s high school Bible teacher, which was a huge treat.”

Bob is grateful for how his faith is able to play out even through health care by being an SMI member.

“We respect the leadership of SMI where we see the leadership making sound but tough Godly decisions on the behalf of all of us,” he says. 

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