Marc & Jocelin

Million Dollar Baby

She's inquisitive, talkative, and creative. She loves to draw, play outside, and wants to be a farm girl when she grows up. Yalissa is a vibrant five-year-old who made her entrance earlier than expected. Three months earlier.

The plan was an all-natural at home birth with a midwife, but that all changed when Jocelin’s blood pressure spiked, and she had an urgent C-section. When Jocelin called Samaritan Ministries to let them know her daughter arrived early, she was prayed for and comforted upon hearing that their medical bills would be shared. She and Marc were grateful that they could focus on the care Yalissa needed.

Marc knew in his spirit everything was going to be okay.

Yalissa spent four months in the NICU. Jocelin said, "Being part of Samaritan allowed us some freedom that many of the other families in the NICU didn’t have." Because they are Samaritan members, she and Marc were able to advocate for their infant daughter, making decisions that were in her best interest, including non-conventional medical treatments and natural methods of care. Yalissa doesn't have any long-term care issues, which Jocelin says is a testament to the power of prayer, the power of being able to advocate for her needs, and coming together as a body of believers.

"The power of the body of believers coming together and working together to share in a need, just absolutely amazes me."

The medical bills – nearly $1.5 million – were negotiated to half that amount and shared by fellow Samaritan members.

The money members sent to help pay Yalissa's medical bills was tucked inside letters and cards, each one holding words of encouragement. Marc said those words helped them get through the roughest days.

They still have every card, every letter. Each one a beautiful part of Yalissa's birth story.

Marc and Jocelin have been Samaritan members since 2015

Marc, Jocelin, and Yalissa going through all the Samaritan support cards and letter.