Brendon & Nina

Borrowing Hope

Every story has a theme. This one is HOPE.

"Hopeful" is the word Nina uses to describe how she felt when she and Brendon became Samaritan members. Hopeful because of the way Samaritan Ministries "loves families and encourages everything a mom needs for a healthy pregnancy." And Nina knew she wanted to be a mom.

She also knew she wanted a natural birth at home. Brendon is grateful that Nina had the freedom to choose the prenatal care, birthing center, midwife, and doula that were right for her.

And just as planned, their daughter River was born at home. Everything was beautiful.

But that changed days later when River's oxygen levels dropped, and she was admitted to a local hospital and then life-flighted to a larger hospital 70 miles away. Brendon was in shock. He already knew that they weren't restricted by a provider network, but he was concerned about how they were going to pay for her care.

He called Samaritan Ministries, and his concerns were eased hearing that River's medical bills would be shared with fellow Samaritan members. Now he could fully focus on priority number one – getting River the care she needed. Brendon remembers how the call ended with a prayer for him, Nina, and River. It meant the world to him.

That somebody would care enough to actually bring our daughter to the Lord is really meaningful.

Two and half years later River is healthy and thriving. Nina and Brendon are grateful for the family, friends, and Samaritan community who surrounded them with love throughout a scary season of their lives. A season where Nina learned, "If you don’t have hope, borrow hope. If you don’t have faith, borrow faith. If you don’t have joy, borrow joy."

Being part of a community of believers is important to Nina and she appreciates having health care that aligns with her values. And Brendon says while it was encouraging to see God's financial provision through the shares of fellow Samaritan members, it was the prayers of people across the country for River that meant so much.

Nina says, "Your family and your community can hold you up when you can't hold yourself up, and that's a picture of the Gospel, a picture of what the Lord does for us." That's HOPE.

Brendon & Nina have been Samaritan members since 2018

Brendon and Nina playfully poising outside with River.