Maternity Care Sharing

Maternity needs are shareable as long as the member chooses one of the following options:

Option 1

Sign up for a Two-Person or Multi-Person Membership. The membership includes the mother and a second individual, either her husband or a child. All participants must be in the same membership program. If you choose a One-Person membership at this time, the second member must be added prior to conception.

Option 2

Sign up for One-Person Maternity Care Sharing. We understand that not everyone will be able to add a second family member to their membership. In a family where only one person is eligible for membership, that family can pay the equivalent of a Two‑Person share amount each month to be eligible for maternity care sharing as a One‑Person membership.

Frequently Asked Maternity Questions

Prior to conception you must add a second person to your membership, or sign up for Maternity Care Sharing as a One-Person membership, agreeing to pay the equivalent of a Two-Person share amount.

No. Although we consider the unborn child a part of the family, we need a date of birth in order to add someone to the membership.

Members who do not add a second family member or sign up for Maternity Care Sharing will not be able to have their maternity needs shared. However, maternity expenses may be submitted as a Special Prayer Need.

The Morning Center

The Morning Center is a ministry of Samaritan Ministries International providing Christ-centered maternity care to women in need. Partnering with the local church, The Morning Center provides prenatal through postpartum care at no charge. We do so because we believe that children are a reward from the Lord (Psalm 127:3), and we are committed to promoting the family as part of God’s loving design for His people.