You can help other members through Member Assistance Fund

By Samaritan staff  ·  Dec 14, 2020

These letters and stories are all from members blessed by Member Assistance giving. You can donate using the back of your Share assignment or contribute online via MinistryLinq at

 Every month we share approximately $30 million in medical Needs. However, every month $1 million in bills don’t qualify for sharing and are still financial burdens for members. If each household gave just $30, we could lift all these burdens! 

We are so thankful for how God has provided for our son’s pre-existing cancer bills as we walk through this valley of sickness. Our prayers were answered in so many ways! After having four rounds of chemotherapy for stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Joseph now has no sign of cancer. What a blessing that he did not have to have radiation! He even felt as good as could be expected through the whole experience with very little nausea and side effects. We want to give a heartfelt thank you to Samaritan Ministries and all the members who gave generously  to help us, both directly and through the Member Assistance Fund. It was overwhelming and humbling to receive all the the cards with assurances of your prayers and notes of encouragement along with gifts from complete strangers! May God bless you for coming alongside us and helping to bear our burden through your prayers and financial support." — New Mexico

Several people have been so very kind to help my husband with expenses for his pre-existing rotator cuff treatment. A couple of our doctors wanted to do surgery but we did some checking around and chose a different route: stem cell treatment. My husband has completely recovered now and has great range of motion. He is even able to get back to volunteering with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief. We want to thank everyone who donated and recommend that you take the time to look into stem cell procedures for any kind of joint issues. — Texas

We have been so touched by the way members have given so graciously to help us with a pre-existing medical bill for our son’s ear tubes. I had tears in my eyes as I shared with my husband how so many people have been so encouraging to us. Each note and gift is precious to us. — Indiana 

We are so grateful that people are generous and have helped us. It is so sweet to read about all the prayers offered up for us. I felt so blessed that I have increased my giving to Member Assistance because now I understand how much it means to receive help in time of need.— Minnesota