WIT ministries serve couples, men, women, singles

Mike Miller  ·  Dec 01, 2015

Whatever It Takes Ministries is the overall name given to the four types of weekend intensives and conferences Paul and Jenny Speed hold throughout the year. These events help people desperate to do “whatever it takes” to walk open, broken, and free. Paul and Jenny host several WIT Ministries intensives and one young adult conference each year.

A summer conference, WIT Alive, is for singles at least 17 years old. Approximately 250 attend. Paul and Jenny help young adults enter adulthood without the baggage of unresolved wounds, especially taking those scars into marriage.

Adults, whether single, divorced, widowed, or married, attend 4 Days 2 Hope for women or 4 Days 2 Freedom for men. These intensives are structured for six to 10 people and occur several times each year.

During 4 Days 2 Hope, women work through unresolved issues from the past by carrying each pain to the Lord. “You cannot deal with the pain of the present if you’ve never dealt with the pain of the past,” Jenny tells the women. Her goal is to take women who come as victims and send them home as victors.

One woman arrived at a 4 Days 2 Hope intensive wearing four wristwatches. She had been sexually abused by her father since she was 4 years old. Her mother had known, and warned her to keep quiet. The wristwatches covered the scars from cutting herself repeatedly. That weekend she learned to be open, to forgive her parents, and to set boundaries. Since then, she is no longer cutting herself or taking medication for depression.

At 4 Days 2 Freedom, Paul helps men do “whatever it takes” to find deliverance from bondages, addictions, and hidden sin. One man was destroying his family with anger, another was addicted to cocaine, and yet another came to restore his marriage from years of adultery. “But,” Paul says, “what they all have in common is sin and pain. They are all in crisis.”

Their marriage intensive does not “tell you what to do,” but emphasizes gaining clear hearts and minds so couples hear what God wants them to do. The format is simple. Paul and Jenny speak, then team leaders facilitate discussion around a table using the workbooks given to each participant. Team leaders also counsel one-on-one to ensure everyone returns home with a written plan of action. Weekly phone counseling is available as a follow-up.

Whether overeating or anger, alcohol or adultery, Paul and Jenny want to get to the spiritual root causing the outward action. Couples come believing their conflict is over handling finances or raising children, but leave knowing it was actually an inner cause like selfishness or pride. When couples leave open and broken, “their chances of success skyrockets.”

At one marriage intensive, all five couples were already separated. Two of the couples had to go to court to get restraining orders lifted so they could attend together. “Now all those couples have been restored—to God be the glory.”

“God has made a ministry of our failures, not having it all together, and uses it for His glory to set other people free.”