Why SMI? To fulfill the ‘one anothers’ of Scripture

Mike Miller  ·  Jun 01, 2016

Why SMI-

Pete Frank first learned about Samaritan Ministries from a segment on Christian radio.

“I had gotten health insurance, and the premiums were just getting so high.”

After he researched the ministry online and joined, he was thankful to have been pushed out of health insurance.

“It’s been a blessing,” says Pete, “It’s so different from health insurance, like night and day.”

Pete and his family have had a few needs, and he’s appreciated the quick turnaround. “It’s pretty cool to go to your mailbox on the receiving end of things,” he says, “and get checks from all over the country from fellow believers just chipping in to meet your need.

“It’s not about writing the check each month,” he says, “it’s way beyond that. It’s about really feeling like you’re fulfilling those ‘one anothers’ of Scripture outside of the context of the local church. It’s about being involved in tangible, practical ministry to the Body of Christ.

“Even though you maybe don’t know the people personally that you’re ministering to each month, you know that they’re part of the Body of Christ. When you know they’re hurting, it’s an opportunity to fill that gap. I really enjoy and look forward to the newsletter each month and seeing who I’m going to be able to hopefully help.”

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