Why SMI? The Wiltons saw others being blessed

Mike Miller  ·  Nov 01, 2016

Why SMI-

Dave and Ally Wilton watched Dave’s sister, Marci Gilliom, and her husband, Ben, be blessed by Samaritan Ministries members for more than 10 years.

When their health insurance dried up a couple years ago, the Wiltons decided it was time they joined.

“We had had a decade of watching their family be blessed through your ministry,” Dave says. “We thought, ‘Man, this seems like a perfect fit for us, to send our money to people in need.’

“Thankfully, we haven’t had any needs since we’ve been with Samaritan Ministries. If that time comes, our trust is in the Lord, that if we ever have a need, that we’ll be taken care of, that through your ministry the word will get out and our bills will be shared.”

He’s excited about the impact of Samaritan’s 2017 national sponsorship of Winter Jam, Christian music’s largest national tour.

“I think the main people who are going to Winter Jam are younger families and youth groups,” Dave says. “What I get excited about is you guys are offering a way for people to meet each other’s needs personally, without a middle man or corporation that has their own bottom line. What I love is Winter Jam’s going to bring you guys exposure to people just going into the work force, people who are just learning about what it’s like being independent apart from their families.

“Reaching the younger ones, I’m excited about that, because, man, it’s needed.” 