Why SMI? The Smiths 'fell in love' with bearing burdens

Kathryn Nielson  ·  May 23, 2019

Guy Smith and his family realized they were going to have to change the way they provided for their health care heading into 2018.

“Like a lot of people, our insurance was getting expensive,” says Guy, who writes the Cheerful Money blog and hosts the podcast of the same name.

He began looking into health care sharing ministries and “fell in love with the concept of bearing each other’s burdens.”

Guy first researched other HCSMs, but found some had lax membership requirements, and others felt too outdated or too restrictive due to physician networks.

And then a friend introduced him to Samaritan Ministries.

“He had nothing but positive things to say about it,” Guy says. “And I read enough reviews and looked at your ministry, and I felt very good about it.”

Guy chose Samaritan for an additional reason.

“I feel like Samaritan is a lot more forward thinking than anybody else,” Guy says. “I could see how you guys are moving forward with your technology. You’re adding things all the time. That mattered to me because I knew it was going to keep getting better.”

The member-to-member sharing approach also appealed to him.

“I love the concept,” Guy says. “I like how much purer the system is. It doesn’t feel like it’s pushing up against the insurance line and ticking off the government.”

Before he joined, Guy called up all the providers he and his family use and asked how health care sharing would play out when he had a Need. Almost all the responses were positive with an automatic 40 percent discount right off the top.

“Our experience has been great,” Guy says. “We absolutely love it.” 

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