Why SMI? The Rileys ‘love the model’

Mike Miller  ·  Nov 01, 2015

Why SMI-

When Les and Christine Riley joined Samaritan Ministries, there wasn’t much of a learning curve for them.

“All three of my married children have been members since they got married or before,” says Les, executive director of the Morning Center. “I was somewhat familiar with (executive vice president) James Lansberry. I heard him speak at different events, and wasn’t entirely surprised that Samaritan would be interested in doing something like the Morning Center.”

While it’s not a learning curve for the Rileys, who live in Hernando, Mississippi, it has been for the doctors and nurses they interact with, “because they really don’t understand.”

“But we’ve been very pleased with the service, everything about it,” he says. “We love the model.”