Why SMI? The Muldrows needed reasonable health care, found blessing

Michael Miller  ·  Jun 26, 2019

Gene and Becky Muldrow’s family have been in and out and back in Samaritan Ministries, but even when they were away for a short while, they sang the praises of health care sharing.

The creators of Dual Credit at Home first joined SMI in the late 1990s as a young family in Texas with six children with no health care provision. After deciding to look into health insurance, they were stunned by the “staggering” cost of it, even back then.

A friend from their church who worked at an insurance agency then told them about Samaritan. “We got ahold of y’all,” says Gene. “It’s been amazing ever since. We’ve been so blessed.”

Gene got a shift-work job in 2014 that provided insurance, but after about a year, decided to go back to remodeling and building homes. The Muldrows rejoined Samaritan.

The family has had four maternity Needs with SMI as well as several other Needs and have been blessed every time.

“When you’re hurting and someone says they’re praying for you and you’ve never seen them before and they’re sending you a check, that is just so encouraging,” Gene says.

The Muldrows, who are used to thinking outside the box when it comes to education through their Dual Credit at Home business, are a natural fit for health care sharing, especially Samaritan’s approach.

“I enjoy reading in the newsletter so much about diet, health, and exercise and things we can do to take better care of ourselves so that we don’t have a lot of medical bills,” Becky says.