Why SMI? The Jockers found help for their maternity Need

Kathryn Nielson  ·  Aug 27, 2018

Samaritan member Dr. David Jockers and his wife, Angel, came to Samaritan for reasons most people don’t: help from the Member Assistance Fund for a pre-existing maternity Need.

“We were looking for a Christian health care sharing ministry that would help provide us with financial support for our pregnancy,” Dr. Jockers says. “We heard great things about SMI from friends so we decided to check with them.” 

Even with twins on the way the Jockers were still optimistic for a home birth, but some complications led to a hospital delivery and the babies ended up in neonatal intensive care. After two days, little David Wright and Joshua were just fine, but the Jockers were left with about $50,000 in bills.

Samaritan partner The Karis Group stepped in to help with negotiations, and got the bills down to about $30,000. Because of members’ generous giving to Member Assistance, the Jockers received about $20,000 and only had to pay $10,000 out of pocket.

The financial assistance they received isn’t the only reason they love Samaritan.

“I was just blown away with the member service,” he says. “It was excellent how they just take the time to really listen and pray. My wife is on the phone more and she kind of handles that in our household. She would always tell me, ‘They prayed with me about this. They’ve been so helpful.’”

Dr. Jockers also loves the Biblical community of Samaritan members.

“Just being able to share each other’s burdens in a community of believers is very Biblical,” he says. “Insurance has a lot of limitations. When I heard about health sharing, it immediately resonated: ‘That’s what we want to do.’ And it’s very competitive with Share amounts. To me it was just a no-brainer.” 

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