Why SMI? The Blochers like the 'one anothers'

By Michael Miller  ·  Jun 20, 2023

Member Spotlight: Mark Blocher, Board Member

Disrupting health care in order to redeem it

Mark Blocher said that Christian Healthcare Centers, where he is chief executive officer, frequently sings the praises of health care sharing to its patients.

Health care sharing, Mark said, “gives us a way to untether ourselves from the insurance mindset.”

“It reminds us of the ‘one anothers’ in the New Testament and the significance of what Christ meant when he talked about us loving our neighbor as ourselves,” Mark continued. “I think Samaritan Ministries has really helped us broaden our understanding of what those ‘one anothers’ mean. It’s one thing to pray for people. It’s another thing to write a check and send it to them to meet their medical needs. That became far more meaningful for us than sending a check to an insurance company.”

And there’s a practical benefit as well.

“Health care sharing has helped us to see that health care and even major medical needs could be handled without having to be tethered to an insurance program where the insurance company cares about your premium and not that much about what kind of care you really get,” Mark said.

He and his wife, Julie, are grateful for their experience with sharing. Mark has had Needs for four eye surgeries and Julie for cataracts and a heart issue.

“To see the Samaritan family respond to those Needs in the way that they did is just remarkable, and it proves to me that this can be done on a much larger scale,” Mark said.

Michael Miller is editor of the Samaritan Ministries newsletter.