Why SMI? Stonehills like the personal connection

Marcia Krahn  ·  Mar 30, 2017

Randy and Leslie Stonehill did not have health insurance and knew they were growing older. But they were in good health, and, as Leslie says, “To think about giving monthly to some insurance company seemed like throwing away our money.” Randy’s further concern was that “those people don’t know us, they don’t care about us, and when we need them, we’ll have to run the gauntlet to get help.”

Their friends, Samaritan members Buck and Michelle Storm, said they had been in the same boat and had found Samaritan Ministries. When Buck recommended Samaritan because the people there love the Lord and are very effective in what they do, Randy and Leslie joined.

“That relational connection, that godly model Samaritan Ministries embraces of ‘Let’s do something right with a gracious sense of community, and people are going to spread the word,’” Randy says, “is exactly what happened to us.

“That’s what I love about Samaritan Ministries. Not only do you have the support you need, but then through sending your monthly share, you have the opportunity to know the names and needs of the people you are helping, and you send not only your check, but a card with an encouraging note and some Scripture. That is so sweet and right and effective.”

“This is the way God intended the church to be and to operate,” Leslie agrees. “It feels so right, sowing into the Kingdom.”