Why SMI? Steve and Teri Maxwell of Titus2 ministries saw Christians coming alongside one another

Kathryn Nielson  ·  Dec 18, 2018

When Steve Maxwell left the corporate world where he worked as an engineer from 1983 to 1997, and started Titus2 Ministries with his wife, Teri, he left his insurance behind. They needed something, so they joined a health care sharing ministry.

When their son, an entrepreneur, found himself in the same boat, he compared the ministry his parents had joined to Samaritan Ministries and chose Samaritan.

“We watched our kids participating in Samaritan for 13 years, seeing the help they received with their medical bills, babies being born, etc,” Teri says. “It wasn’t just the financial aspect. It was coming alongside one another in ministry.”

Eventually the Maxwells grew dissatisfied with the ministry they had joined. “Everything they did was as if they were insurance, like a sterile corporation,” says Steve.

“We felt tied into it because of a pre-existing condition and felt like we couldn’t change, but the Lord said, ‘Go. I’ll take care of the pre-existing conditions,’” says Teri.

The Maxwells switched and have been with Samaritan for three years now. They love that it is more affordable and also appreciate the Save to Share program. They encourage everyone they tell about SMI to join Save to Share™. “It’s not that much more,” says Teri. “And you never know what can happen.”

Though they have not had any Needs yet, they love being able to participate in Member Assistance to help others with unshareable bills that are pre-existing.

“We just love Samaritan, personal contact and ministry-minded,” says Teri. “It’s not just an organization or a business.” 

“We love the whole heart thrust of Samaritan,” says Steve. “It’s the Body of Christ being what it should be.”