Why SMI? Sharing Needs has become a 'way of life'

Jaclyn Lewis  ·  Apr 30, 2018

Doug Dagarin and his wife, Barbara, joined Samaritan Ministries in 1999 because of their pro-life convictions.

Doug, Eastern Region leader of father-son discipleship ministry ALERT Cadet, says that, while he and his wife are signed up for Medicare, he has no plans to leave the ministry.

“I continue my membership with Samaritan Ministries because sharing medical needs with my brothers and sisters has become a way of life, and I don’t want to become dependent on the government,” says Doug.

“My heart is to be a part of the Body of Christ in this way in terms of sharing medical needs with my brothers and sisters.”

He also says that the ministry has caused him to be more careful with his health care spending. “I know somebody in the Body of Christ will need to pay for whatever money I spend on health care,” he says.

For example, when looking at the itemized bill for his wife’s hip replacement surgery, Doug found two $7,000 charges for a single post, the leg portion of a replacement hip.

“I called the hospital and said, ‘There’s only one leg, but two posts listed on the bill,’” Doug says.

He eventually learned that the surgeon had initially opened the wrong sized post, and had to open a second to get the right size. Since posts can be sterilized and repackaged, the manufacturer usually eats the cost of an extra opened post, but in this instance, the extra charge had been overlooked.

“People pay those things all the time because nobody ever questions it,” Doug says. “That’s $7,000!

“I just appreciate that a Christian health care sharing ministry, where we take care of each other’s needs, causes us to be responsible and hold medical people accountable a little bit more than someone who just pays an insurance premium.”