Why SMI? Shared needs, personal touch

Kathryn Nielson  ·  Jul 30, 2017

Because of her husband’s health issues, insurance was not a good option for Chrystal Evans Hurst and her family, which left them looking for other ways to provide for their health care. 

Friends kept telling her about Samaritan Ministries. 

“Before I keep paying out the nose for individual insurance, let me see if this works,” she recalls thinking about health care sharing, “and within five months we had our chance to see.”

Before joining in September 2015, “we were totally a healthy family,” she says. But “three of us have been in the hospital in a year.”

Besides sharing their needs, the personal touch has meant the most to the Hurst family.

“It’s so great to see my son run to the mailbox asking, ‘Is there mail? Is there mail?’ because of the notes people send with the checks,” Chrystal says. “It’s become so much bigger than my bill. The encouragement has meant a lot to us. I’m really happy to be a part of Samaritan.” 