Why SMI? Ron Drummond listened to a buddy

Mike Miller  ·  Dec 01, 2016

Why SMI-

When Ron Drummond left the corporate world in 2012 after 16 years to become an independent consultant, he also left the “safety” of health insurance.

“We needed something,” he says.

He knew about Samaritan Ministries from Dick Chatterton, a friend of his from the Drummonds’ days in the Canton, Illinois, area. The Drummonds and Chattertons had both attended Calvary Baptist, and Dick would tell Ron about how Samaritan enables Christians to help each other with health care burdens.

Later, Ron created a website for Dick’s restored tractor business.

As part of his research before joining Samaritan, he discovered “all the back-office stuff that happens” between insurance companies and medical providers, “the difference between what you’re charged and what the health insurance company actually pays.”

The result: “The more I looked into Samaritan, the more comfortable I became with the concept and the process.”