Why SMI? Rising insurance costs

Mike Miller  ·  May 01, 2015

Why SMI-

“Before Samaritan, we had just your standard health care plan,” Scott Maxwell says.

Through 30 years of marriage, he and his wife, Carol, always had insurance coverage, whether it was HMO, PPO, or hybrid, and either through an employer or through a private plan they purchased when they started their own business. They felt comfort having insurance, and “always proudly showed” their insurance card at doctor’s appointments.

But over time, their insurance costs kept rising.

“Every time we reached a birthday, premiums would go up and they would cover less,” says Carol. At one point their monthly premium increased to $1,200, with a $6,000 out-of-pocket portion and $1,500 deductible.

No longer able to afford the premiums, the Maxwells “decided to jump ship” and join Samaritan Ministries.

“We were scared to death” leaving insurance and joining “something that was not insurance,” but, Carol says, “Our biggest regret, actually, was that we hadn’t joined it sooner.

“What we get back is so much more—financially, of course—but [also] spiritually. … When we have needs, we get cards and letters. These are people who believe in the same things we believe and who aren’t afraid to share their faith.”