Why SMI? Plasterers had Biblical concerns

Mike Miller  ·  Mar 01, 2015

Why SMI-

John Plasterer of Greater Baltimore Jail and Prison Ministry explains why his family joined Samaritan:

Our decision to join Samaritan Ministries was prompted by our insurance company’s decision to expand family plans to cover “domestic partners.” We looked around for something more Biblical and were delighted to find Samaritan Ministries.

Not only does Samaritan not support immoral behavior, but it provides a practical way to demonstrate the love of Christ by sharing in the medical needs of other believers. This is especially important to us now because it is consistent with our prior decision to rely on God rather than government.

Voluntarily refusing government handouts is a testimony to many of the men in and out of the jail. Reliance on government programs brings people into bondage to and dependency upon ungodly people. Many people violate the rules or their conscience just to receive some government benefit. Government benefits also tend to stir up people to covet other people’s wealth. Everyone wants more from the government than they have paid for in taxes.

When I needed hernia surgery, I had three men from my church tell me about the unsuccessful surgeries they had. I was very grateful for the freedom to research and choose the kind of surgery that was best, and travel to a clinic for a better price. The notes and gifts received after my recent hernia operation were also a great encouragement.