Why SMI? Pinkeviches wanted out of ‘corrupt system’

Mike Miller  ·  Aug 01, 2016

Why SMI-

By Michael Miller

Benjamin and Irina Pinkevich and their family joined Samaritan Ministries because “we did not want to be part of a corrupt system.”

“We do not want our finances to pay for abortions, gender ‘reassignment’ surgeries, and things that go against our faith,” Benjamin says. “We are happy that we can take part in the needs of our fellow Christians.”

He says the Pinkeviches, who serve Russian-speaking people through El Shalom Ministries, have had a “very beneficial and positive” experience with Samaritan.

“It is a blessing to give to families that truly need it, and to know how to pray,” Benjamin says.

The Pinkeviches have also been helped with medical costs through Samaritan.

“Because of the support from Samaritan members, my wife had the opportunity to receive the necessary medical help,” Benjamin says. “We also cherished the encouraging letters that we got from our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Such support and love is a vivid example of true Christianity.”