Why SMI? Person-to-person sharing attracted Dave Williamson

Michael Miller  ·  May 29, 2018

When Dave and Ann Williamson returned from the overseas missions field to work for Construction Workers Christian Fellowship, they needed to find their own health care.

“At first we tried a couple of small commercial products, but they were expensive and didn’t cover a lot,” says Dave, president of CWCf.

A brother, though, was a member of a health care sharing ministry, and Dave decided to investigate.

“Somehow I found you guys and joined,” he says. “I liked the concept. I liked the fact that it’s person to person. I don’t send my money to be distributed by an organization—I write a check to an individual.”

Dave says over the years he has had “a couple of pretty significant needs,” including visits to emergency departments.

“To see the Lord supply those needs through significant discounts” was impressive, he says. “Then to watch those checks come in with little notes of encouragement … I remember on a need I received hand-drawn pictures from little children who wrote heartwarming notes of how they were praying for me. All those little notes of kindness! To go to the mailbox when you have thousands of dollars of bills facing you and see the checks from other believers you’ve never met, piled up … that is phenomenal. I try to devote a small portion of the savings in health care costs to give to the Member Assistance fund regularly, to help with unshared needs. It’s a way of giving back.”