Why SMI? Notes 'hooked' the Chois

By Michael Miller  ·  Apr 22, 2021

Jim and Jamie Choi “dipped” their toes into health care sharing through Samaritan Ministries in 2017, testing it for six months. They’re still members.

‘We went for it.’

They were “kind of skeptical” about health care sharing.

“We had just moved and, because we’re both self-employed, the health insurance rates were really expensive,” Jamie says. “It was going to be like $1,700 (per month) for four of us. We had heard about Christian health care sharing ministries. We did our research. So we went for it, and everything seems great.”

The community aspect hooked them.

“The thing that emotionally got us hooked is getting a note or card with the Shares,” Jim says.

Through the fire.

In 2018, the Chois’ daughter Jane inhaled a cashew, ending up in a hospital for a week with a $45,000 bill.

“That was where we got to see Samaritan shine,” Jamie says. “That was amazing to see how people were writing notes for her. Since walking through that fire, we’ve been hooked ever since.”