Why SMI? Nicholsons are 'thrilled' with how Needs are handled

Michael Miller  ·  Aug 21, 2020

Starting a business and serving in ministry made health insurance costs prohibitive for Mark and Dana Nicholson and their four children.

Returning from the missions field, the Nicholsons needed to find reasonable health care.

“Some Christian friends of ours recommended Samaritan Ministries for health care,” Mark says. “At that point we were starting a small business and we were still involved in Christian ministry, and the combination of being entrepreneurs and ministers of the Gospel made it really look very prohibitive to get our own insurance policy that would be adequate for our young family, paying high premiums and high copays.”

The Nicholsons are “thrilled” with how Needs are handled.

The family runs a farm that specializes in organic meat, and with a farm usually come accidents.

“We have had our fair share of accidents and trips to the hospital over the past seven years, especially me and my teenage kids,” Mark says. “We are always thrilled with the treatment we’ve gotten from doctors who are interested in helping out cash-pay patients. Of course, with the sharing process, really almost all of our medical expenses are met.”

They feel “blessed” even with how non-shareable expenses are handled.

But even when the Nicholsons had expenses that weren’t shareable as Needs, they appreciated the pastoral approach that Samaritan offers.

“Just exploring our situation on the phone with a representative from Samaritan, we were so blessed,” Mark says. “The advocate didn’t just say, ‘We don’t share that.’ He prayed with us. He made suggestions of things we could do to help the process, how we could have the church pray with us and for us. Just the level of genuine concern was touching for us.”