Why SMI? Mussers needed health care for family

Mike Miller  ·  Feb 01, 2016

Why SMI-

Joe Musser first heard about health care sharing from a pastor when he was a teen.

“It seemed like something that I wanted to do,” Joe says.

He wasn’t able to do it for several years, though. As an assistant pastor for eight years and then a head pastor for eight years, his denomination provided health insurance.

“They didn’t give me a whole lot of say in it,” he says.

When Joe left the full-time pastorate and became full time in his father’s construction business, however, he needed to find a way to pay for his family’s health care.

“It was an opportunity for me to move over to where I principally had wanted to be ever since I heard about it, which was health care sharing,” he says.

The Mussers joined Samaritan in 2008 after researching the various ministries.

“Samaritan Ministries was the only one we could see where you had member-to-member sharing directly,” Joe says. “That was important to us. The deeper we looked into it, the more we realized it was a group that was looking to do things according to what the Bible would teach.”

The Mussers soon found out how health care sharing worked on a large scale. Their daughter, Verity, was born in 2010 with Down syndrome and a heart defect, needing urgent surgery at only 5 weeks of age. A Samaritan Guideline limiting sharing for congenital defects had been changed a short time before, and members were able to share 100 percent of the cost of the surgery, close to $200,000.

“We were very encouraged because we could see that it was a way that our Christian brothers and sisters in Samaritan Ministries were always looking at the Guidelines and saying, ‘What is it that we could do better? What could we do that helps meet the needs of the other believers in Samaritan?’” Joe says. “We appreciate that. Insurance is all about, ‘What can we avoid paying for?’”

Samaritan’s monthly mailing also gives the Mussers “the tools of having someone to pray for during the month as we share with them and also follow the prayer guide.”

Sharing needs also stands as a witness to their children.

“When the needs are being met and the family sees the cards coming and the checks coming, and understands the prayers that stand behind those, in all those ways Samaritan Ministries is helping to model for the entire family what Christian fellowship and what Christian sharing is Biblically supposed to be,” Joe says. “You can see it in your local fellowship, but it’s encouraging for them to see outside of a local fellowship that Christians around the world through Samaritan Ministries are doing this—living it out.”