Why SMI? Member-to-member connection

By Kathryn Nielson  ·  Nov 16, 2021

Brad and Megan Hopp chose Samaritan Ministries for their health care needs in 2014 because of the uniqueness of the ministry’s member-to-member sharing.

A farmer and truck driver before starting Teshuah Tea, which sells products to support the rescue of trafficked women in Asia, Brad got firsthand experience receiving Shares in 2017 after a tractor accident that he describes as a series of miracles.

After the tractor tipped over with Brad on it, he was pinned underneath with a rear tire turning on his pelvis. Despite this, he was able to blindly find the axle, push it off his body, and crawl out from under 7,800 pounds of tractor, moving about 7 or 8 feet away from the sparking battery that was threatening to turn into a full-blown fire, all with a broken pelvis.

Not the least of the miracles involved was a substantial discount he received—over $131,000­—and Samaritan members were there to help with the balance of the bills.

“I really appreciated how Samaritan helped us negotiate the bills down and navigate the maze of hospital finance,” Brad says. “Another thing I really appreciate about Samaritan is how they ask to pray with you at the end of calls.”

Brad and Megan Hopp and their children.

The Hopps, with their six children, originally were members of another health care sharing ministry. They joined Samaritan because 11 out of 12 months’ Shares “go directly to a member,” Brad says.

“That was the biggest thing.”

The member-to-member connection also struck a chord with Brad.

“I like the whole card and letter thing. It’s really cool,” he says, recalling the “basket full of notes” he received with Shares from fellow members.

Brad Hopp helps rescued women through Teshuah Tea.

Kathryn Nielson is a Communications Specialist at Samaritan Ministries.