Why SMI? Maternity help was key

Mike Miller  ·  Jan 01, 2015


Chris Hogan was familiar with health care sharing before he and his family joined Samaritan Ministries in 2009. He had been a member of another ministry for a couple years before getting married in 1992.

Then he went to work for his father’s truck dealership in Springfield, Illinois, where he was provided with health insurance.

But when Chris left the business to develop the Noble Call Institute, he had to find another source of provision for health care, even though he, his wife, Anne, and their growing family (now at 11 children with another to be born soon) have enjoyed very good health over the years.

“I had heard about Samaritan and I thought, that’s what I’m going to try,” Chris says. “So I looked you guys up.”

One of the clinchers for Chris and Anne was the fact that Samaritan Ministries shares expenses for midwives, which their health insurance hadn’t done. When the Hogans joined, they already had nine children.

“I said, ‘Why am I paying for all this insurance when we don’t ever use it, and they won’t even pay for having babies?’” Chris recalls. “Plus, health care sharing had so much Biblical basis to it.”

He says Samaritan membership has “simplified the process of caring for my family and the Body of Christ.”

“It keeps you connected to the needs within the Body of Christ and the issues of health and wellness.”

Those issues are of high importance to the Hogans. Part of Noble Call Institute’s focus is on good health.

It’s working, too. The Hogans had no health insurance claims, even with all those children, and their only needs with Samaritan have been for maternity.

 “Pure water, pure air, pure food … we try to do all that,” he says.

Use of essential oils is also an important part of the Hogan family’s lifestyles.

“We’ve only used antibiotics once in 20 years,” Chris says.

Chris writes frequently on health issues on his Facebook page (facebook.com/christopherscotthogan).

Requiring members to live a Christian life is good for their health, he adds.

“When you live a Christ-like life, you just reduce a lot of stress in your life,” he says. “Sin creates guilt and wounds quickly. When you reduce guilt and wounds, you reduce stress and you just don’t have a lot of other problems.”

Also important, he says, is prayer for one’s family and forgiveness of others’ wrongs against you.