Why SMI?: 'It's Kingdom-minded'

By Michael Miller  ·  May 19, 2023

The giving part of health care sharing is more important than the receiving for Samaritan Ministries members Rob and Alyssa Decker.

“We try to minimize the receiving portion as much as possible,” said Rob, who runs a personal training business. “I have a healthy family. We’re all about fitness, we’re all about sports, we all eat nutritiously. That way we can minimize illness so that we can be a blessing unto others.”

Rob also likes the structure of the ministry.

“I think it’s Kingdom-minded,” he said. “It’s about how a community can come together to help each other out. It’s God’s people helping God’s people. You get to write a letter or a prayer, you get to engage with people that you may never meet until you get to Heaven. I think that’s powerful stuff.”

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Michael Miller is editor of the Samaritan Ministries newsletter.