Why SMI? 'It's kind of what the early Church did'

Kathryn Nielson  ·  Oct 30, 2017

As a self-employed entrepreneur, health insurance became extremely expensive for Jeff Goins and his family, tripling then quadrupling. 

He had been looking into health care sharing. 

“It made sense to me," he says. "It’s kind of what the early Church did, sharing our money together. When someone has a need, we’ll help them.

“It was very affordable, and I like the idea of being part of a Christian organization where what we are contributing is not making an insurance company rich. It’s actually going to a person in need.”

Even though the Goins haven’t had a Need yet, they have enjoyed the process of sending Shares to other members, and they’re grateful for the peace of mind that SMI offers in the event of a catastrophic illness or injury.