Why SMI? 'It's helping one another'

Marcia Krahn  ·  Dec 31, 2017

“We’ve loved it!” Mark and Jill Savage say of their Samaritan membership.

They first heard of Samaritan Ministries through their Hearts at Home lawyer, who also works for Samaritan. But health insurance is like homeowners insurance or car insurance, right? As entrepreneurs, life seemed too risky without it.

Then Mark and Jill’s premium reached $1,500 a month. The Affordable Care Act, Jill quips, “should be called the Accessible Care Act, because it is accessible, but it is not affordable.”

By this time, Jill had had breast cancer, so she had a pre-existing condition. What were they to do? They remembered Samaritan Ministries, and after two or three calls to answer questions, they decided to become members. Even with keeping a high-deductible plan for Jill because of the risk of recurrence, they are saving hundreds a month. Next year, they hope to drop the extra insurance, since Jill will be cancer-free for five years and Samaritan will no longer consider it pre-existing.

When Jill had surgery to repair a rotator cuff injury, a Samaritan advocate advised her to use Samaritan to share their out-of-pocket expenses. One of the shares Jill received was from a missionary who recognized Jill’s name and wrote that she loved Jill’s books. Jill reached out to her through Facebook. The two corresponded for a couple months until the woman was killed in a car accident in the Dominican Republic. Jill was stunned and heartbroken for the family. But she realized this heart connection came because of Samaritan Ministries, from the missionary first sending her a share.

Mark says, “It is really impressive just to send checks to people and then to receive checks from people. It’s the way it should work—helping one another.” Mark and Jill value the simplicity and connections Samaritan brings to their lives. “We’ve been so grateful for that, so glad we joined.”